The church is a household with elders who are like fathers and serve in word and deacons/deaconesses who serve in deed.

Biblical Authority

When many people think of a leader, they think of a strong person with authority. In the Bible, true strength is shown in humility and service. Leaders are not qualified because they are gifted at influencing people or making things happen, but because of their character. If you read through the requirements of a leader in the Bible, they have everything to do with being gentle, sober-minded, patient, and not self-willed (1 Timothy 3:1-16; 2 Timothy 2:24-26; Titus 1:5-9).

But that doesn't mean that leaders are just passive. Biblical leaders lead by example and by clearly teaching and applying God's Word. God's Word is what truly has authority in the lives of God's people. Leaders are meant to be instruments of grace in God's hands so that God's people live by faith and the conviction of their own consciences (1 Corinthians 4:5-6).

Lead Elder/Pastor

Joshua Grauman

Josh grew up with a love for everything electrical. But in college while getting his master's degree in engineering, God changed Josh's passions. So he moved to Southern California to get a M.Div. in pastoral ministry. Since that time Josh has served as a pastor (2003-) and professor (2005-). The biggest blessing came in 2004 in marrying Melody who loves caring for people including their two beautiful daughters, three adopted sons, and other foster children and people from the neighborhood. God impressed the importance of compassionate gospel ministry on the Graumans, which led them to doing inner city church planting in South LA for seven years. Then in 2019 Josh was called to pastor River Ridge. Josh loves spending time with his family, robotics and programming, languages (Hebrew, Greek, and Spanish), studying Scripture, caring for hurting people, and mentoring men for ministry.

Lay Elder/Pastor

Ken Spengler

Ministry Associate

Kenny Bailey

  • Jeffrey Lu

    Head of Deacon Board

  • Norman Lee


  • Tim Tran