The Good News

The word gospel means "Good News." And there is no better news in the world!

What is the gospel?

The gospel is the good news that we can be reunited to right relationship with God through Jesus' death in our place and through His being raised from the dead. Through Jesus not only can we have our sins forgiven and experience the freedom, joy, peace, and purpose that comes from knowing God, but we can also share in His new life and will participate in God's coming Kingdom where sin, death, injustice and pain will be finally banished forever!

Why is this good news to me?

All people are born with a problem: we are inherently self-focused. We live for ourselves and what we want. We see this even at a young age when often the first word a child learns is 'mine' and children are consummed with what they want. This self focus is ultimately a form of worship. We love, worship, and adore ourselves and other created things rather that the great and good God who created everything.

Our love of self is ultimately a form of slavery. Our desires control us. We are never satisfied and are constantly longing for more. We don't experience life as God intended it because we try to make ourselves the king rather than finding rest in the only truly good King's kindness. We don't give thanks to the One who is the source of all good, and we don't live as we were designed to. Ultimately, this disrespect and ingratitude in us is spitting in the face of our Creator, and means that we deserve eternal punishment because of the heinousness of such treason.

So what can I do?

Thankfully, God intervened in our situation and made a way of escape from our slavery to self. He sent His own Son to pay the penalty for our crimes, and He was raised from the dead to ensure that when we unite with Him we will share in His new life. Because God is a gracious and compassionate God, He promises to forgive any rebels who repent and turn to Him. When we believe what God says about the reality of our situation and trust that His way is better than ours, we will entrust our entire lives to His vision for how we should live. As we give up control of our own lives, God's Spirit lives in us, changing our wants, fullfilling our deepest desires, and causing us to be full of an amazing awareness of how much we are loved, how safe we are in God's hands, and how amazing it will be when He finally comes again and sets all wrongs right.

This good news is what we live for as a church. We love talking about the gospel! Please feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions or want to talk about any of this!