COVID Response

Amidst a global pandemic, we continue to be the body of Christ and desire to live out that reality in showing the love of Christ to one another and everyone we come into contact with.

Letter to the church (updated Dec 2020)

Good day church family,

As we're sure everyone is aware, the Coronavirus is sweeping through our nation and causing large disruptions to our lives. During this time, we are so thankful that our God is in control of everything, and that we can be part of a church family who encourages and loves Him together as we care for those around us. We are so thankful for every one of you.

So here are some ways that we intend to show the love of Christ and be light during this time.

1) Letʼs be praying for one another and our neighbors during this time.
Our God is in control and we believe in the power of prayer!

2) During this season we will be meeting outdoors and with masks for all of our gatherings.
From listening to experts, we believe this is a key time to help fight the spread of the virus and that lives are at stake. Without being driven by fear we want to take seriously our responsibility to care for our neighbors who may be more susceptible. We highly prize our fellowship and time together, but feel that these safety precautions and both wise, and honorable way to submit to our government.

3) We encourage everyone as individuals to practice special care in social distancing for this time.
Especially if you have any sort of symptoms, like cough, fever, fatigue, or body aches, please be careful not to expose others to what you have.

4) During this time we want to be very intentional with caring for one another.
Please be calling/messaging one another to encourage and check up on one another. We can send encouraging notes, bring meals, go to the store for people, and much more to care for one another while still social distancing. Even though we arenʼt meeting all together we are still a body. Be creative!

5) This is a major opportunity to care for unbelievers who are hurting.
Please be checking up on friends/neighbors and see if they need anything (especially the elderly). God has blessed us so we can help those in need. And most importantly, we can share the hope and courage we have in the face of this pandemic because God is our refuge.

6) If anyone is sick or has any needs in the body, please let us know.
We want to care and pray for each other!

7) If anyone is aware of needs that unbelievers/friends/neighbors have, please also let us know.
Letʼs try to communicate about needs and work together to serve these needs as Christʼs hands and feet. If you want to help serve in any way, let us know and we will try to coordinate our efforts.

RRNC Leadership